Peek Inside the World’s Largest Artificial Intelligence Exhibit in Paris

Digital creation studio OUCHHH launched what is considered to be the largest artificial intelligence exhibition in the world. Located inside the new Atelier des Lumières art venue in Paris, the immersive experience entitled “POETIC – AI” is made up of over 136 projectors to create 20 million lines of text and a barrage of geometric infinity patterns that completely covers the ceiling, walls, and floors of the space. Conclusively, the light and motion effects are generated by an algorithm resulting in a unique and surreal experience for attendees.

Get a closer look at the exhibition in the video above and head over to Atelier des Lumières’ official website to learn more. “POETIC – AI” is currently open to the public until August 31. For more immersive experiences, take a look at NONE collective’s alluring installationfor the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

Atelier des Lumières
38 Rue Saint-Maur
Paris, France 75011

taken from hypebeast